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.MÜHLE Holiaci strojček R 41 GRANDE



Dostupnosť: tovar skladom
Číslo produktu: R 41 GRANDE
Výrobca: MÜHLE
cena bez DPH : 38,25 EUR
cena s DPH (20 %):
45,90 EUR
Strážny pes:
Strážny pes

do košíka:

Materiál držadla: Kov
Hlava strojčeka: Hrebeňová

MÜHLE Ručný holiaci strojček R 41 GRANDE na klasické žiletky

The safety razor with an open tooth comb has been developed specially for practised wet shavers. Due to the principle of its construction, which features a special blade angle, the new model allows a vigorous, very direct shaving technique. As on safety razors with closed combs, the curved blade is exposed and clamped in place by the curvature of the cap. The open tooth comb and a gap behind the foam edge ensure that stubble and foam are transported away during the shave. This means that the edge is kept free of residues. All in all an innovative design which also makes subsequent cleaning easier.

The shaving result is dependent on the factors beard growth, the density and length of the beard hair, and how these interact with the blade and safety razor. Some will achieve optimal results with a Feather blade, while others can profit more from gentler blades such as Derby, Merkur or Personna. When shaving, the safety razor should at first be drawn across the skin without applying any pressure at all. Shaving with the grain is often sufficient and renders a second shave in the opposite direction unnecessary. The skin should be stretched taut at all times.

The new safety razor is predestined for men with a denser, stronger beard growth or for those prefer to sport three-day stubble. The model variants include handles made of white and black high-grade resin and/or with chrome-plated chasing.

The GRANDE version features a longer and wider handle than the original version. This model also fits our RHM SR safety razor stand

measurements: L 107 mm, B 53 mm - diameter of handle 14 mm

weight: 80 g



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