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Hercules hrebeň v koženom púzdre



Dostupnosť: Na objednávku
Číslo produktu: 61 LE
Výrobca: Hercules Saegemann
cena bez DPH : 8,25 EUR
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9,90 EUR
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do košíka:

Hercules hrebeň v koženom púzdre

From weather-and chemical resistant Cellon. With saw cut teeth. Protected in a small leather pouch. Perfect for the breast pocket. Manufactured by Hercules Saegemann, Germany.  

A typical small comb of the 1930-50s. In a leather case that protects the comb from dust and dirt. At the same time remaining pomade on the comb remains in the case and thus does not stain the breast or pants pocket. 

The small comb is marbled brown, with sawed, normal teeth. It reminds of the British Kent Combs, such as the R7T. Unlike the British counterpart the Hercules Saegemann 61LE lighter, more flexible and has sharper teeth. Combing is pleasant. With the small size, it is more suitable for recombing than for a big styling at home. 

Info: The comb is made of very high quality Cellon. Cellon is a plastic being already made in Germany during the First World War, then manufactured by Dynamit AG. In 1916 with the lucid Cellon aircrafts were made "invisible". And the famous zeppelin Hindenburg received with Cellon a weatherproof shell. 

With 4,7 inches in length, which is about 12 cm, this one is small in size, and therefore ideal for shirt and jacket pockets.

Made in Germany



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